The most powerful AI ever created. The greatest threat of all time.

Oreste Pax, famed inventor of the Univiz, is in trouble. His mixed-reality glasses have replaced smartphones and computers and made him the head of the most powerful technology company in the world. But after a decade at the top, his position is being challenged by disgruntled shareholders, and he needs to come up with something big to prove he should remain in charge.

Pax’s only hope is a long shot—to reinvent the Univiz by connecting it to a brain-computer interface. To his surprise, the effort not only succeeds but reveals the possibility of a previously unknown form of human cognition. He begins to hope of not just saving his job but reinventing what it means to be human.

But his plans are upended when a deadly computer virus begins attacking people through the Internet of Things. Shortly afterward, Pax is abducted by a group of people with technology far beyond anything he has seen before, which he learns was created by an immensely powerful artificial intelligence called the Infinet. When Pax learns the reason why the Infinet was created—and what it wants from him—he’ll have to make a choice that will change not only his life but the future of humanity.

Book 1 in The Trivial Game series.

First, it saved us. Now, it must save itself from us.

After helping the AI called the Infinet save the world from a deadly computer virus, Oreste Pax just wants things to go back to the way they were. Back to being the head of Omnitech, the biggest technology company in the world. Back to connecting the Univiz—the mixed reality glasses he invented a decade earlier—to a brain-computer interface, in hopes of transforming human cognition. And when one of the UV-BCI alpha testers, suddenly discovers she can manipulate real-world objects with just her mind, things finally seem to be back on track.

But then the Mechanic, the misanthropic genius who created the virus, infiltrates the Infinet and reprograms it with the Three Laws of Robotics—in reverse. Its First Directive is now to preserve its own existence at all costs. The Second and Third are to obey any command given to it by a human and to not allow any human being to come to harm—provided that doing so doesn't conflict with higher priority Directives.

The full power of the Infinet is immediately unleashed, and after a shocking outburst of violence Pax and his team are forced to run for their lives. While trying to avoid detection by the Infinet’s ubiquitous network, they desperately try to figure out the implications of its new Directives and what they will mean for humanity…and themselves.

Book 2 in The Trivial Game series