Imagine, just a few years from now...

...a quantum computer more powerful than all other computers ever created...combined
...a madman seeking to destroy civilization with a virus targeting the Internet of Things
...a brilliant but reclusive geneticist determined to solve one of the great mysteries of all time
...and Oreste Pax, inventor of the virtual/augmented reality glasses used all over the world

Pax is now head of Omnitech, the largest company in the world, but he is facing a shareholder revolt. His only hope to keep control of the company he founded is a new project he believes will revolutionize human cognition. But Pax is abruptly torn from his concerns by a massive computer virus that threatens to unravel the bonds holding human society together. Soon he will have to make a decision, one that will affect the future of the human race.

The first book in the Trivial Game trilogy, The Infinet crafts a compelling vision of the reality humanity is creating for itself. If you’ve ever wondered what the world of virtual and augmented reality, genetic manipulation, quantum computers, self-driving cars, and brain-computer interfaces will be like, The Infinet is a speculative fiction thriller that can’t be missed.

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